• Youth competitions takes place in 2-year age divisions, from 10 & under through 17-18.
  • Individual and club memberships may be purchased from Gussie Crawford, 900 Weidman Road, Town & Country, MO 63017-8443. Contact her by email: or phone: 314-434-3397.
  • Individual memberships are also available online at
  • Proof of age is required for all youth athletes.
  • Most of these meets will be using on-line entries EXCLUSIVELY. Call the contact person well in advance of the meet for instructions if you have any questions.
  • Athletes may compete unattached or with a club.
  • All participants in USATF Championship meets (Association, Regional, National) must be USATF members. All participants in meets sanctioned by the AAU MUST be AAU members. Implicit in a meet entry is the affirmation that the athlete is qualified to participate, including holding the appropriate membership cards. Clubs should keep these requirements in mind, and insure that all their members entering such meets are eligible to take part. Meet directors who allow non-members to compete risk the cancellation of their liability insurance coverage. Be sure to indicate the sanction number and source (AAU or USATF) on your meet flyer.
  • USATF memberships (club and individual) for the year expire December 31 of that year. USATF memberships for the year go on sale November 1, of the previous year and are valid from date of issue through December 31, of that year. AAU memberships for the year expire on August 31. Membership sales for the next year begin on September 1.